Everyday Mayhem (November 2019)

The forty-four images that were on display during my Everyday Mayhem exhibition that was on display at the Holden Fine Arts Center in Superior, Wisconsin during the winter of 2019-2020

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4th of July Car, May 2014

The most patriotic Suburu Justy.
From $40.00

4th of July Parade, July 2012

Lifted car showing off its stuff during the 2012 4th of July parade in Superior Wisconsin.
From $40.00

Car Stuck After A Blizzard, December 2013

A classy depiction of your quintessential Minnesota winter driving experience.
From $40.00

Chris, April 2012

From $40.00

Found Eggs, June 2018

Just some eggs I found hanging out downtown.
From $40.00

Honk For Peace, April 2010

Honk. But for peace.
From $40.00

King of Norway, October 2011

From that time in 2011 when The King of Norway came to visit Duluth.
From $40.00

Knight, June 2010

Taken during the now-defunct Ren Fest in Twig Minnesota. 6x6cm color film negative.
From $40.00

Lakewalk Damage, April 2018

The Duluth Lakewalk after being battered by a heavy storm.
From $40.00

Last Place On Earth, September 2013

Historical photograph of the now-defunct Last Place On Earth shop in Duluth Minnesota. The image was captured on 6x6cm color film.
From $40.00

Paul, July 2017

From $40.00

Scottish Rite Clinic Construction, November 2015

Plastic wrap around the construction of the Minnesota Masonic Children's Clinic for Communication Disorders building in Downtown Duluth.
From $40.00

St. Mary's Demolition, September 2013

Demolition of some older St. Mary's/Essensia buildings in downtown Duluth.
From $40.00

Thunder Bay, September 2013

An older couple watches the great lakes ship Thunder Bay enter the Duluth harbor.
From $40.00

Waiting Ambulance, July 2011

Don't worry. Nothing bad is happening. The ambulance was just on standby for the Park Point 5k.
From $40.00