Ds' Burger & Bowl, Prentice, Wisconsin, September 2018

All the fine art photography prints I sell are produced by myself in-house as opposed to the common fulfillment method of drop shipping the artwork from an independent printing lab. This process allows me to guarantee that the quality of print I am selling to you is up to my standards. As such, it also means that processing the shipment can vary by many days if I need to acquire specific materials, or if life will keep me from being unable to fulfill the order immediately. If I expect it will take me more than three days to fulfill your order, I will let you know via e-mail.

Picture of Ds' Burger & Bowl - Everyday Print
Ds' Burger & Bowl - Everyday Print

What is the Everyday Print? Why it is a print of a great size to be framed so you can admire it every day! This print is a moderate 8.25 x 23-inch image on a 10 x 24-inch sheet of museum weight Baryta paper. A great size for framing! The image contains a printed title and is hand dated and initialed.

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